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Most Recent Listings

Check the most recent listings available in our directory catalogue. We are using our custom shortcode for displaying this block.

Based on WooCommerce

Listing Manager is completely build upon the WooCommerce plugin.

Google Maps

Support for displaying submitted listings in directory on the Google Map.

Claim Listing

Allows users to easily claim their listing from the front end with required admin approval.

Packages & Payments

Using the native WooCommerce payment gateways to purchase listing packages.

Inquire Form

Quick form allowing users to contact listing owner from your directory website.

Report Listing

Quickly find listings which are breaking your directory terms and conditions.

Front End Submission

Allows users to submit the listings from the front end without admin access.

Favorite Listings

Functionality for authenticated users to collect their favorite listings.

Locations & Amenities

Custom taxonomies implementation for better directory listings classification.